Write to your MP!

Our National Pro Remain Postcards Campaign has gathered momentum. Thousands of cards have been collected and sent to MP's across the country.


These are a must-have for all Pro EU street campaigners’ tool kits and used on all occasions up until October - Once is not enough.

MPs need to know that support for Remain is strong -
They need to know that TODAY !

Please order your cards now - let’s drip feed the HoC with the voice of Remain! Start today. No predictions and no guessing just plain old communication - keep up the pressure!

If can download the free artwork here

These postcard designs are for you to print and use to write to your MP's or House of Lords and let them know how you feel about Brexit.


There are six designs included and they have front and backs on each. The back has the address pre-printed for ease. These are the artwork files for you to get them printed.


If you are using a professional printer we suggest a 350gsm stock. They need to be printed double sided. They are A6 in size.


Lets make a huge impact and really make a difference to #stopbrexit and #backbritainnotbrexit


Please note this artwork is intended for these postcards only. Do not replicate across any other products. Thank EU :)

Postcard 1.jpg
Postcard 2.jpg
Postcards 4.jpg
Postcard 3.jpg
Postcards 5.jpg
Postcards 6.jpg