Last Night of the Proms

The Last Night of the Proms was a huge success and #wordupdesign were proud to be a part of it. #EUFlagmafia and #no10vigil had crowdfunded to hand out up to 20,00 free #EU flags across Hyde Park and the Royal Albert Hall to guests. Word Up Design designed all the branding for the event across #tshirts #bags

#cards and even #eubowties. The vision on TV was a sight to behold as the hall was bathed in a sea of blue. People have asked 'Why?' 'Why do this at such a British event?' We wanted to highlight the plight musicians will face if we leave the #eu. The axe will fall very hard on the thousands of hard-working UK-based freelance musicians in orchestras, choirs and all sorts of musical ensembles across the EU, who are likely to face drastic loss of earnings from losing #freedomofmovement. Composer Howard Goodall defended the campaign, saying: “No-one should be surprised that music lovers want to express their solidarity with professional musicians over the issue of the damage Brexit will do to their livelihoods by shutting off the right to freedom of movement that has been so vital a part of our common European musical landscape for the past forty years or so. "Anyone saying that music and politics aren’t supposed to mix and that the pageantry of the Last Night of the Proms should be ‘just’ a concert reveals themselves, I’m afraid, as lacking in even basic knowledge of music’s history. “They should acquaint themselves with Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro, based on a banned play proposing the subversion of the political order of its day.” Press articles so far have been The Express, Guardian, The Times and European papers. Who knows what next year will bring? We need to keep our #freedomofmovement and stay in the #EU. We need the #peoplesvote  #thankeuforthemusic #LNOP #PromsEUFlags #PromsInThePark


Madeleina Kay aka #EUSupergirl also contributed with illustrations for the bags.