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Trump and Brexit are two cheeks of the same bum!

The Anti-Trump peaceful protests around the country were a huge success and filled with such diversity and creativity. From the Trump Baby Blimp at Parliament which caused much controversy to our gorilla locked in a cage, we conveyed our feelings perfectly. Together Against Trump. The #London #AntiTrumpMarch that I attended had a wonderful range of live music and bands and was filled with very, very witty placards for the world to see. It all ended with a massive rally in Trafalgar Square, which I for one have never seen so packed in my entire life. So hopefully, a job well done! If you supported these marches and rallies, or know people that did, we need to ensure that we are behind the #peoplesvote campaign. Trump and Brexit are two cheeks of the same bum! Please sign the petition here for a vote on the final Brexit deal.

A few snaps... Love #wordupdesign x #bollockstobrexit and #bollockstotrump



London, UK

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