Been there, got the #StopBrexit t-shirt?

The Autumn of discontent is coming to an end but the fight continues. We have protested magnificently

around the country to #StopBrexit. We've marched in London, Bournemouth, Brighton and Manchester and have met some amazing people along the way. If you were there in self or spirit, please buy a memento. We have a few #StopBrexit T-Shirts available for the sale price of just £4.99. Thanks to everyone who's bought one so far. We have raised over £400.00 for StopBrexitMarch.

The regional rallies are coming up on 14th October, so this is a great time to remain visual with our #StopBrexit message. Please send any photos of you wearing yours on the marches and rallies to us. We love seeing them in action. Many thanks for all your support, Word Up Design.