London, UK


Pro EU/UK Pet Bandanas. For dogs or cats

It’s time for #wooferedum. Dogs are speaking out that ‘Brexit is Barking Mad!’ Join us and our pooches for the #wooferedum 7th October where we will march with our dogs to demand a #peoplesvote.

These gorgeous bandanas are handmade and represent both the UK and the UK with multiple flag inspired design. Easy to wear they slip onto a collar. Ideas for sizes below. They come in three sizes, small, medium or large. These are all hand-made lovingly by a #remainer. Cotton fabric. The way they slip onto the collar means that size isnt so essential.

Small Pooches
Yorkshire Terrier or a Highland Terrier

Medium Doggies
Labrador or Springer Spaniel

Large for big dogs
German Shepherd or Mastiff

£2.00 P&P

Look the part in our smart #eu #doggie #cat #bandanas.

Dress your pet to impress! 🐕 🐩🐱

Pro EU/UK Pet bandana for Dogs & Cats